U.S-Syria Relationships

Syria is going through tough times, since the Sarin gas incident there has been talk about US intervention. As we speak the U.S government is demanding to take action in Syria or have little intervention, if the U.S does take action, Russia and China warn that they too would take actions against the U.S. I believe that the U.S should try to take little intervention with Syria as possible, it doesn’t have to end with violence; it is possible that the U.S government can work out an agreement with Syria to have some sort of change. However, President Obama is now considering taking military action against Syria for the possible use of chemical weapons; the only way the government can take action is if the Congress agrees and votes to take some sort of action against Syria. I do believe that there is hope for a peaceful resolution, however the U.S government  wants to end this violence; if it wasn’t for the Sarin gas, then the U.S might have had another way to resolve this violence. I think that the U.S government should talk about an agreement about not using chemical weapons and talk about a small change in government in Syria. It seems logical that the U.S should at least try to talk with officials in Syria before taking any military action.


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