Enrique’s Journey Part 2

  1. There are 301 pages (including prologue, epilogue and notes), I have finished the book including the prologue and epilogue.
  2. The book’s time setting is January 29, 1989 until September 19, 2006; the book takes place in a variety of places ranging from Tegucigalpa, Honduras to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and eventually North Carolina. The ethnicity is also varied due to Enrique going from Honduras all the way to the USA, he encounters all kinds of people such as, gangsters, corrupt police, train riders, smugglers, “coyotes”, poor neighborhood people, and eventually the people of the USA. The main story revolves around Enrique who is a male, however, there are side stories involving Enrique’s family and his girlfriend who try to cope with each other but end up blaming each other for something. There are parts where Enrique stays at Catholic church’s full of other immigrants, there are parts where Mass is going on but Enrique never joins in, and there are moments where immigrants are heading towards a checkpoint where “la migra” is stationed and pray that God won’t let “la migra” get to them.
  3. Enrique’s Journey takes place in Latin America but in World Experience we have not learned about Latin America and the early civilizations that are settled there, however I shall be using what I have learned from my family and what others have taught me. My novel reflects the amount of poverty and how desperate people are to find a better future even in the past as far as the Mexican American War, it shows how much determination people have in their journey towards “el Norte” to find economic opportunities or to reunite with family members such as Enrique. The story reflects the time period of 1989 until 2006, it shows that the US has implemented several barriers to stop immigrants from migrating north, during this time several events happen such as the enforcing of the borders by the US, the 9/11 attack putting more police to guard the borders,  and the Minutemen Project. However, this does not stop Enrique from reaching “el Norte” and finding his mother.

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