Ready Player One Part 1

  1. The novel, Ready Player One, has 375 pages and I have finished the book.
  2. The main character is Wade Owen Watts or Parzival in the OASIS; the main conflict is that in 2045 there is conflict over the last remaining resources left on earth, however, our story begins in virtual reality called the OASIS. The original founder of the OASIS (“a massively multiplayer online game that had gradually evolved into the globally networked virtual reality most of humanity now used on a daily basis”), James Donovan Halliday (Anorak), has passed away and since his passion was video games and most notably easter eggs hidden in games, he has created his very own easter egg in which the first person who finds it shall gain his inheritance and his company (GSS); along with this he had a website with a high-score list which eventually came to be known as the Scoreboard. The conflict in this is that Halliday hid his easter egg very carefully meaning that people have to use their problem solving skills to figure out the clue to finding three keys to find his easter egg, however, time has passed (5 years exactly) people have given up on finding this easter egg and now say that it’s a urban myth. “Then, on the evening of February 11, 2045, an avatar’s name appeared at the top of the Scoreboard, for the whole world to see,” after this the hunt for Halliday’s easter egg has just begun again.
  3. The great part about the novel is that within the OASIS and reality there are references to books, songs, games, and mostly anything that people have known since probably the 1980’s. My favorite parts is when they receive the clues to finding one of the three keys such as the first one, “The Copper Key awaits explorers In a tomb filled with horrors But you have much to learn If you hope to earn A place among the high scorers,” the book itself has many references that provokes emotions and it also may provoke the emotions of the reader. Despite my first impressions of the book the reviews made by the authors made me finally read it, one comment was “Enchanting…Willy Wonka meets The Matrix.” by the USA Today and another comment such as “Delightful…the grown-up’s Harry Potter.” by the Huffington Post.
  4. Based on reading this book I would recommend this book to people to I know that enjoy geeky references and action-packed mystery. The book itself is amazing piece of work because the author uses so many references, the amount of problem solving and the plot twists that happen throughout the book. Despite my hesitation to read this book, as I kept reading at a abnormal pace (not really), the book was amazing the moment things started to take place, I would recommend this book who has the courage to look up the amount of references and maybe “play” the games mentioned, but I would recommend the book firs
  5. My favorite quote would be “Going outside is highly overrated,” this quote stands out to me because most people stay inside the OASIS for a long period of time. This relevant to the story because of the amazing graphics the OASIS has, its somewhat hard to differentiate reality from virtual reality and because there’s always something to do in the OASIS. The reason I chose this quote is because this is also relevant to the real world (present time earth), most people stay inside and sometimes miss very important events that they won’t be able to experience anywhere else.

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