Ready Player One Part 2

  1. The novel, Ready Player One, has 375 pages and I have finished the book.
  2. Ready Player One takes place in Oklahoma, then Columbus, Ohio and finally Oregon in the real world. However, there are many locations in the book that take place in the virtual world, although the time setting is 2045 in the real world. Like the modern world today there is a diversity of races of people in the book. Religion doesn’t have much effect in the book but there are some references to religion in the book.
  3. Although this book’s setting takes place in the future, there are some aspects that relate to world history such as a power struggle for something that influences the people and the occasional resource war but that has no effect until the end of the book. Even though the setting of this book takes place in the future there is one aspect that relates to World History which is the occasional power struggle, such as the Chinese in the past and others in Europe.
  4. I like this book because the author provides very accurate details to set the mood whenever there is a major battle, aside from that there is a the occasional side story which in this case is when the protagonist goes back into the real world. The one comment that made me read this book would be “Enchanting…Willy Wonka meets The Matrix.” The following quote would be the one that got me hooked near the end, “Shoulder-to-shoulder avatars stretched to the horizon in all directions.” This book is absolutely in my top 10 books because the action seems so real, the author does a good job stating the details and making the scene work with the plot. I would recommend this book to anyone who seeks an action-packed plot with twists and turns at every corner.

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