Ready Player One Part 3

Answer each of the following questions in well-developed paragraphs.  Be sure to use spell check, proofread, and edit: your responses will be graded for content AND quality

1. Provide the title and author of your book.

The title of this book is Ready Player One, written by Ernest Cline.

2. What is the point of your book?  Did the author achieve their purpose?  If so, how?  If not, why not?  (In other words: what is the reader supposed to learn or realize from this book?)  Use text evidence to support your response.

The point of Ready Player One is to enjoy life, adventure and the 1980’s culture. The author did achieve this by using the 1980’s culture as the basis to this book and also making it a necessity for those trying to find Halliday’s easter egg. “Most of the entries…and ’80s pop culture, mixed with humorous diatribes denouncing everything from organized religion to diet soda.” (p. 7) This quote shows us that the creator of the OASIS had an interest in the 1980’s thus making it as a base for his easter egg hunt. The following quote explains what had happened when there was “a global fascination with 1980s pop culture.” “Fifty years after the decade had ended, the movies, music, games, and fashions of the 1980’s were all the rage once again.” (p. 7)

3. Explain how your book reflects history.  Your book may tie in directly (ie – nonfiction, or fictionalizing actual events) or thematically (ie – your book may be about revolution … how does that compare to what we’ve learned about revolutions thusfar this year?).  If you cannot think of any connections, PLEASE come speak with me IMMEDIATELY!!!

My book reflects the late 1970’s and the 1980’s culture, the book itself has many references to 1980’s culture of which we have not yet gone over, but most of the novels references are actually nonfiction and they all exist (is some way) in the real world. Although we may have not yet gone over what was happening in the 1980s, the novel has some other tie in with past events and people that the reader may or may not know.

4. Persuade me, Tess Mueggenborg, whether or not I should read your book.  You MAY use “I” in this response.  Use text evidence to support your response.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has some knowledge of the 1980’s pop culture, but in some cases its not necessary to know the culture of the 1980’s because the book will have some way of explaining those references. “A famous eccentric, Halliday…crammed with obscure ’80s pop culture…were lost on me the first time I viewed it.” (p. 2) This quote explains to us that the protagonist Wade had problems getting some of the references in this video but as time passed he got to familiarize himself with the 1980’s by reading Anorak’s Almanac of which contained useful information about Halliday and his obsession with the 1980s. Anyways, this novel is a must read for anyone interested in 1980s references and an action packed adventure that will keep the reader on their seat waiting to find out what happens next.


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