I Am Number Four

Book Info: I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore, 440 pages, book finished

I didn’t get to finish reading Fast Food Nation because it just kept driving me crazy with the amount of facts and unnecessary paragraphs, so I decided to read I Am Number Four because it was the only book that I could read within the limited time (1 day to be exact) and once again I was able to finish the book. Now a letter to the author.

Dear Pitticus Lore,

I understand that this is a name used for publishing also known as a pseudonym, however I am not going into detail about who you are, I would like to say that this book was quite fun to read, it left a feeling of wanting more. On the other hand there were some parts to understand but these error could be easily fixed but that would somewhat affect the amount of books that are already published, don’t worry about it, there are a lot of comments I could say about the book itself and the style it is written, of which I would give but cannot due the amount of comments that I have. In the meanwhile, let me talk about my comments about the book.

The style of the book is very amazing, the style is very casual with a little hint of seriousness in some parts of the book, the style ties the entire book together, the way in which you describe how the main character, John Smith (or Four), uses his Legacies to protect and save those around him was magnificent. Although I do have a question, was it necessary for Sam to come to the conclusion that he needed to kill John and eventually saying that the gun didn’t have any bullets at the end of the scene? That kinda left a sense of dread because if John were to be killed, then the Mogadorians would be able to go after Five, but it was just the style that left that sense of dread. This also leads me to another thing, the plot of the story was perfectly sequenced in the beginning with the death of Three and eventually the encounter with Six and the massive cliffhanger at the end of the book. The plot had points in which something would lead to another such as John’s eventual resistance to heat leading him to save Sarah Hart from a burning house, this is an example of how the story just kept leading to more problems or solutions depending on the scene.

The book itself was amazing, I cannot wait to read more books of the Lorien Legacies series, I hope that my letter helped you understand that there are some ups and downs within the book but the main focus is the quality of the book. I hope that you keep writing more books in the series and that you have my support.

Your fast reader,





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